Analysts 2022

Agriculture Division


Agriculture Division Head
Kolby Partin

Kolby is a graduate student studying Agricultural and Applied Economics from Dinwiddie, Virginia. He is a wheat analyst and Agriculture Division Head. Outside of COINS, he was a Combat Medic in the U.S. Army and this last summer was a sales and agri-intelligence intern for Helena Agri-Enterprises in Bloomsburg, PA.


Analyst, Livestock
Jayson Gill

Jayson is a graduate student from Lancaster, Virginia studying Agribusiness and Crop and Soil Science interested in Commodity Investing. A fun fact about Jayson is he lives on a small farm in Lancaster, VA. Jayson is currently recruiting for future opportunities.


Analyst, Corn
Kevin Cheng

Kevin is a junior studying BIT, with a Decision Support Systems concentration. Last year, Kevin worked as a spring intern for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in the Department of Economic and Risk Analysis. In the summer of 2022, Kevin will be working as a Financial Markets Intern for PwC.


Analyst, Cotton
Nikhil Bandaru

Nikhil is a senior studying Economics and Statistics at Virginia Tech. Before Virginia Tech, Nikhil studied at Indiana University Bloomington.



Analyst, Coffee
Sanil Jain

Sanil Jain is a junior from Ashburn, Virginia studying Computational Modeling and Data Analytics (Data Science). He is a coffee analyst and former cotton analyst. This past summer, he interned at Jefferies as a IT Summer Analyst.


Analyst, Corn
Ray Bajraktari

Ray Bajraktari is a junior studying Finance with a concentration in Corporate Financial Management at Virginia Tech. His interests are in financial markets, valuation, and data analysis. He is pursuing a career in corporate finance with the goal of joining upper management at a company aligned with his values where he can contribute to their growth and longevity.


Analyst, Wheat
Chris Cheng

Chris Cheng is a sophomore from Great Falls, Virginia currently majoring in business undecided, but leaning towards majoring in finance. His goal is to work for a consulting company or a job similar to sales & trading. His hobbies include spending time with friends, watching TV, and enjoying nature.


Analyst, Coffee
Matthew Tichenor

Matthew Tichenor is a junior from Richmond, Virginia studying Finance and BIT. He is currently a coffee analyst in COINS. This past summer, he interned at Wolfspeed as a compensation analyst. He enjoys volleyball , climbing and kayaking.


Analyst, Cotton
Jack Danco

Jack Danco is a Junior from Bethesda, Maryland studying Finance. Jack finished his COINS Training this spring and will trade Cotton this fall. Next summer, he will be an investment banking intern at Wells Fargo Securities. In his free time, he enjoys playing golf and watching football. He also looks forward to studying abroad in London.


Analyst, Sugar
Sara Wynkoop

Sara Wynkoop is a senior from Fairfax, Virginia studying financial planning and investment management. She is currently a sugar analyst. This past summer, she interned at Vanguard as an advice intern. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, exercising, and spending time with friends.


Analyst, Livestock
Claire Seibel

Claire Seibel is senior from Roanoke, Virginia studying Mathematics with minors in Agricultural and Applied Economics, Leadership, and Chinese Studies. Claire grew up on a beef cattle farm and is now a Livestock Analyst with COINS. She plans to pursue a career in National Defense and enjoys running and attending VT Football games in her free time.


Analyst, Livestock
Henry Adkins

Henry Adkins is a senior from Powhatan, Virginia studying applied economic management with a concentration in environmental economics. He currently works as a soybean analyst. This past summer he interned at Dairy Farmers of America as a commodity risk management intern. He enjoys playing tennis, hiking, and working on his family farm.


Analyst, Sugar
Emma Lapini

Emma Lapini is a rising senior from Alexandria, VA studying Finance. Before serving as a sugar analyst she generated trades for cotton. This past summer she interned at Macquarie Group as a QIS & Hedge Fund Sales intern mainly focused on commodities. She enjoys going on hikes, traveling and working out in her free time.

Energy Division


Energy Division Head
Ian Rees

Ian is a Junior studying national security and foreign policy at Virginia Tech. Last summer Ian worked as a Summer Research Analyst for Anthem where he Synthesized open source qualitative/quantitative information using high level research and writing skills to provide timely and effective analysis of new unemployment trends spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic. Outside of COINS Ian does research at the Hume Center for National Security and Technology.


Analyst, Crude Oil
Arul Kumar

Arul Kumar is a Senior from Sterling, VA studying Finance and Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE). He is a Crude Oil Analyst for COINS. Over the past summer Arul interned at Citigroup as a Sales and Trading Summer Analyst. He enjoys playing cricket, playing the guitar, and writing poetry in his free time.


Analyst, Gasoline
Katie McGroddy

Katie McGroddy is a second year masters student studying Agricultural and Applied Economics. She currently serves as a COINS Graduate Fellow and the Social Development Chair. Katie is a Gasoline Analyst in COINS and used her experience in the Energy Division at her internship working for Castleton Commodities International this past summer.


Analyst, Gasoline
Sam Sloop

Samuel Sloop is a sophomore from Mount Airy, Maryland studying Mechanical Engineering. He is a gasoline analyst working in the energy division. This past summer, he interned at Rodgers Consulting working with civil engineers and land planners on land development in Charles County. He enjoys playing Spikeball and soccer in his free time.


Analyst, Natural Gas
Malcolm Moss

Malcolm Moss is a Junior from Arlington Virginia studying Computer Engineering. He has served as a senior natural gas analyst for COINS in the energy division. Outside of school he operates a collectible resale business, advises a startup and works as a systems engineer for MITRE. When he isn’t working he can be found cooking and rock climbing.


Analyst, Natural Gas
Barrett King

Barrett King is a Junior from Richmond, Virginia studying finance. Currently, he is a Natural Gas Analyst. This past summer he interned at RMB Capital as a Sophomore Rotational Intern, in Investment Management, Family Office Services, and Wealth Management. He aspires to be in sell-side or buy-side roles. In his free time, he enjoys fishing, watching sports, and traveling.


Analyst, Natural Gas
Will Hillhouse

Will Hillhouse is a Senior from Westport, CT studying Computer Science and Mathematics. He is a natural gas analyst for the energy team. This past summer, he interned for American International Group on the market risk team in Life & Retirement. He’s interested in applying quantitative and qualitative analysis skills in the financial services sector.

Metals Division


Metals Division Head
Diego Negron

Originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Diego is a junior majoring in finance. He served as a gold analyst prior to becoming head of the metals division and professional development. For the past summers, Diego has interned in both private equity and investment banking, with his most recent experience being in the Mergers & Acquisitions Group at Bank of America.


Analyst, Copper
Victoria Agrinya

Victoria Agrinya is a junior from Woodbridge, Virginia majoring in Finance with a focus on investment management. She has previously served as co-head of professional development. This past summer, Victoria interned at Maverick Capital for her second year as a summer analyst there. In her free time, she enjoys reading, spending time with friends, traveling, and practicing her French skills.


Analyst, Gold
Caden Greene

Caden Greene is a Junior from Loudoun, Virginia studying corporate finance. Caden currently serves as a gold analyst and is on track to graduate spring of 2024. Recently, he interned as a summer Litigation Consultant for HKA where he aided in the analysis of financial disputes and budgets. In his free time he enjoys playing basketball and hiking.


Analyst, Gold
Michael Dorociak

Mike Dorociak is majoring in finance and minoring in economics. He trades gold with Commodity Investing by Students. He interned at Citi as a part of their Sales and Trading summer rotation.


Analyst, Silver
Matthew Covington

Matthew is a sophomore from Herndon, Virginia. He is currently seeking out engineering and/or finance internships and is aspiring to a professional career involving algorithmic trading. He spends his free time on coding projects, visiting art museums, and exercising at the taekwondo gym.


Analyst, Copper
Brian Holahan

Brian Holahan is a Junior from Richmond, Virginia double majoring in Business Information Technology and Management. Within COINS, Brian is a copper analyst. During Brian’s summer after his sophomore year, he interned at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, as an IT Solutions Delivery intern. In his free time he enjoys playing the piano, fishing, and backpacking.


Analyst, Silver
Joey Mecherikunnel

Joey is a Junior from Fairfax, Virginia studying computer science. He has been a silver analyst within the metals division since his freshman year. This past summer he interned at CACI as a software engineer intern. He will join Citigroup in their markets sales and trading division this upcoming summer. Outside of school, he enjoys rooting for his hometown Wizards.

Quantitative Research Division


Division Head
Maximo DeLeon

Maximo de Leon is a junior from Reston, Virginia studying Mathematics. Before serving as the quantitative research division head, he was a soybean analyst. This past summer, he interned at Citigroup on the Global Spread Products Portfolio Trading desk and on the U.S. Treasuries Trading desk.


Taha Shaikh

Taha is a senior from Glen Allen, VA studying machine learning and computational math. This previous summer, he worked with J.P. Morgan Chase as a software development/ML intern and hopes to work with automated trading strategies in the future. In his free time, Taha likes playing music (@tahaplaysmusic), reading, hiking, and speaking in the third person.