Junior Analysts

Latest Class

Joseph Crawford

Joe is a sophomore from Washington D.C. studying Finance and Economics interested in Banking. He will be interning with Wilmington Trust in Washington DC as a Summer Analyst in US Markets. A fun fact about Joe is he likes Mayo.

Darsh Patel

Darsh is a sophomore from Richmond, Virginia studying Computer Engineering and Economics interested in Banking and Markets. A fun fact about Darsh is he was born in England. He will be interning with General Motors in Detroit, Michigan as an EXCEL Summer Intern.

Caleigh McDonough

Caleigh is a sophomore from Chantilly, Virginia studying Real Estate and Finance, and interested in Real Estate Investments. Currently, she is studying abroad in Prague, and this summer she will be working with Freddie Mac as an Operations Intern. Caleigh has also dabbled in interior design projects.

Chris Dutton

Chris is a freshman from Midlothian, Virginia studying Finance interested in Corporate Finance and Private Equity. A fun fact about Chris is in his free time he enjoys sailing.

Jayson Gill

Jayson is a junior from Lancaster, Virginia studying Agribusiness and Crop and Soil Science interested in Commodity Investing. A fun fact about Jayson is he lives on a small farm in Lancaster, VA.

Peter Brunone

Peter is a sophomore from Trumbull, Connecticut studying Industrial and Systems Engineering interested in Consulting and Sales. A fun fact about Peter is he is a Giants and Yankees fan. He will be interning with Portescap this summer as a Manufacturing Engineering Intern.

Brian Timana

Brian is a junior from Manassas, Virginia studying BIT interested in Consulting. Outside of COINS Brian is an active member of Delta Sigma Pi. This summer he will be interning with Deloitte in Rosyln, Virginia as a Cyber Risk Advisory Intern.

Max Babka

Max is a freshman from Arlington, Virginia studying Computer Science interested in Investment Banking. A fun fact about Max is his family owns a small Soybean farm in Arkansas.

Kevin Salmon

Kevin is a junior from Arlington, Virginia studying Agricultural and Applied Economics interested in a career in Commodity Trading. Before Tech, Kevin studied at the University of Colorado (Boulder). An avid traveler, he has visited over 20 major cities in 12 countries across the world.

Paul Papillo

Paul is a freshman from Frederick, Maryland studying Finance interested in Sales and Trading. In high school, Paul became an Eagle Scout, and here at Tech, he is part of the Innovate Living Learning Community. Paul also insists he does not like dogs, which we know to be impossible.


Gabriel Plichta

Gabe is a freshman from Roanoke, Virginia studying Finance interested in Investment Banking. Before college, Gabe was an Eagle Scout and a valedictorian at his high school. Outisde of COINS, Gabe works with the Orbital Launch Vehicle Team at VT as a University Relations Manager.