Meet some of our graduating Seniors!

COINS is the only student-run commodities investment fund in the country. As a result, there is no better place to learn about commodities, macroeconomic trends, and financial markets than COINS. Furthermore, membership in the group will certainly be a sticking point on your resume, and a key differentiator in interviews. Imagine being able to tell your interviewer the price dynamics of their Starbucks cappuccino!

Being a relatively young organization on campus, there is infinite growth potential. Like the markets in which we trade, the environment is dynamic – members are constantly coming up with ideas to improve the group and trade more effectively.

Most importantly, we truly are a student-run group. Our advisors are here to advise us, not to micromanage. This level of autonomy is rare, but extremely beneficial to the learning experience – our ultimate mission. Considering that the Virginia Tech Foundation has entrusted us with an investment of $1 million dollars, our independence is a unique responsibility that everyone in the group shoulders. We highly encourage our members to become leaders and enact exciting change, consistently taking the group to new heights.

In this group, you get out what you put in, as it is a true meritocracy: we have had members jump to CEO after only a year in the group, and Analysts, fresh out of training, elected as Division Heads; we do not discriminate when it comes to true talent and hard work!

Hear it from our alumni

Here is what they had to say when asked how COINS impacted their college experience:

The commodity markets were initially an immense challenge to understand, but that challenge enabled me to unlock work-relevant skills that I had not previously been exposed to in the 15+ years I have been in school. COINS was a tremendous experience that I will always cherish.

Suddy Sriram

Debt Capital Markets Analyst
Bank of America

I owe my upcoming internship at a bulge bracket investment bank completely to this group – from being supported by our amazing alumni network to discussing the gold markets for 23 of the 25 minutes of my technical interview. There’s something to be said about being a part of the most unique investment group in the country.

Sid Muralidhar

COINS – Chief Executive Officer
Incoming Markets Analyst

COINS will forever be a part of my story. As a senior with just two semesters left, COINS gave me a chance. I am thankful for the people it connected me to and the group’s growth-oriented approach to learning: two things I still value now. The best has yet to come!

Alec Scranton

Wealth Management Client Associate